Banksman Training in Oxfordshire

Banksmen, or traffic marshals, are operatives who are trained to direct vehicle movement on or around a site. Banksman training is designed to meet the challenges of the industries that now require Banksman officials. The correct training will reduce the risk of potentially costly accidents when carrying out reversing manoeuvres. A Slinger Banksman is required to undertake slinging and signalling for the movement of loads using lifting equipment.

Are you required to undergo Slinger Banksman training in Oxfordshire?

Ace Trainers offers the Slinger Banksman Course to candidates, which can be taken on-site. This course is for potential and existing operatives involved in the slinging and signalling of load lifts. The courses introduces delegates to the operations, methods and procedures that will allow them to identify and choose the appropriate type of lifting tackle required when lifting and transferring loads.

Banksman training ensures there is a safe system of work where the Banksman and driver use standard signals which can be mutually understood. The Slinger Banksman Course will teach candidates how to communicate via shared communication methods, such as using recognized hand and arm signals to guide and direct loads on a site.

Having a fully-qualified Slinger and Banksman among your employees will help to minimise risk and improve safety.