Frequently Asked Questions

Below are 5 common questions we been asked by our clients at Ace Trainers Ltd, these are not related in particular to our services or training. If you have any particular questions on our services or training then please don’t hesitate to contact our offices to speak to one of our team of experts at or call us on 01256 351581 and we will be more than happy to assist you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

From a Refresher 1 day course to a 3 or 5 day Novice course our prices are based on a ratio on ideally 2 trainnee’s to 1 instructor , however we can legally train a maximum of 3 trainees to 1 instructor. Therefore our price is set weather we are training 1 or 3 people on any particular course.

No, whilst adequate training is required for each type of truck, HSE  recognise most of their syllabus is transferable knowledge therefore an existing counterbalance operator should only require a one day conversion course to transfer to new equipment.

Unlike the DSA driving licence, there is no lift truck licence. Rules concerning the use of mechanical handling equipment are governed by the H.S.E. who place more emphasis on the content and understanding of training. The programme supplied by R.T.I.T.B. or ITSSAR are approved by the ABA workforce. and follows set syllabus with an end test to confirm the training is understood and can be applied practically.

Whilst these new qualifications are similarly named they do not overlap with operator CPC, therefore holders of an operator CPC who wish to drive commercially must undertake the new qualifications.

Yes Ace Trainers Ltd is a member of the Data Protection Act 1972. For more details on all these questions please follow the link to the relevant page. Click Here
HI Mike Just wanted to say how delighted we were with ACE, all of your Trainers were excellent, they were all nice people and easy to get on with. Thank you so much for stepping into the breach after our previous trainer suddenly retired through ill health. We now have you listed as our preferred supplier and will use you going forward for any new starters and renewals etc .Once again many thanks.   Regards Nicola Chambers Fulfilment & Warehouse Manager