(Hiab) Lorry Mounted Crane Training


Ace Trainers provides ITSSAR accredited lift truck training at company premises anywhere in the country. Because we are ITSSAE accredited this means our training has been inspected and approved to meet the conditions set out by the Health and Safety accredited body in respect of operator training. Our lift arm instructors have also be trained and tested by the ITSSAR to ensure they have the required knowledge and ability to teach correct lift truck operating practices to new and existing drivers. All the courses follow a strict timetable and course structure to ensure all elements are covered and the trainees have all the skills required at each level. This includes the basics such as machine controls through to positioning loads at maximum extension.

Our Lorry Loader training is designed to ensure that your staff operate this expensive equipment efficiently and safely. The requirement for training is clearly part of Health & Safety legislation and besides that makes common sense – how much would an accident cost you ?

Course Content:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Health and safety at work act 1974
  • The code of practice for lorry mounted cranes
  • Basic operation and controls
  • Setting up to lift and re-setting for travelling
  • Pre-checks before operating
  • Slinging and correct use of slings
  • Safe working loads (SWL)
  • Practical operations loading and unloading with crane using varying types of loads and conditions




This course may only be run at the customers premises and is not available at our training centre.


1-day refresher course for an up to 3 experienced operators, already holding a valid certificate for a particular Lorry Mounted Crane

3-day basic training course for up to 3 novice drivers, with little  experience on a particular Lorry Mounted Crane


As an accredited training organisation we can offer a National photo ID certificate for no additional cost. This then enables the Trainee to operate any machine (with permission) anywhere in the UK. Their names and details are kept on a National Operators Registration Scheme Database. The certificate is valid throughout the UK and will be recognised by both employment agencies and perspective employers.

*This is optional, and if employers prefer, we can supply in-house certificates, only allowing the candidates to operate for your company Only.*

All training is accredited via ITSSAR – Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register