Side Loader

The  sideloader is specifically designed for long loads and is ideally suited to the timber and steel industries. It’s unique construction provides stability and ease of use with these awkward loads.

At Ace Trainers we offer sideloader truck courses for novice and experienced drivers as well as refresher courses.

The traditional sit-down sideloaders by offering operators the opportunity to drive in four directions. The sideloader allows companies to have the benefits of narrow aisles, superior maneuverability and the ability to block or bulk stack by driving forwards.


  • Available in LP Gas & Diesel
  • 4500Kgs – 6000Kgs Capacities
  • Lift Heights up to 6.5m
  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use
  • Extensive range of attachments

It is characterised by the compact design and is qualified especially for the application in narrow aisle storage.

The smallest possible aisle widths can be achieved, because of the choice of narrow cabins. This sideloader is available with basic capacities from 1500 upto 3000 kg.


As an accredited training organisation we can offer a National photo ID certificate for no additional cost. This then enables the Trainee to operate any machine (with permission) anywhere in the UK. Their names and details are kept on a National Operators Registration Scheme Database. The certificate is valid throughout the UK and will be recognised by both employment agencies and perspective employers.

*This is optional, and if employers prefer, we can supply in-house certificates, only allowing the candidates to operate for your company Only.*

All training is accredited via ITSSAR – Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register


This course may only be run at the customers premises and is not available at our training centre.

“At Guest Express Transport we have 28 members of staff with approx. 4 that actually hold a national forklift certificate and the rest have a very good knowledge of fork truck driving. I decided to put one member through the instructors course with the view to have all staff members trained to the same level and a level that we as a company are satisfied with. I ended up doing the course myself and I am actually glad I did as it really does highlight the bad habits we all pick up over the years and dangers we put ourselves through every day without even realising!! But fortunately Zoe came in and changed all that within 5 days. I would recommend Ace Trainers for this as they were by far the best on price (I had 4 other quotes as a comparison) and like Guest Express Transport are a family run business and appreciate your business and did go the extra mile to make sure we / I was satisfied. I have now also booked our next 5 years of drivers CPC training, again at a very competitive price and will continue our relationship whenever I need professional people to train my staff to a professional level” In House Instructors Course – 07/01/2013
Nathan Light