Manual Handling Training


Virtually all companies have a manual handling requirement –. Under Health and Safety Legislation, there is a duty to identify where this lifting could lead to a significant risk of injury, then to take common sense measures to reduce the risk.

This half day Manual Handling course is designed for any person(s) who, as part of their working duties, are involved in the moving of any objects by manual force whether lifting, pulling, pushing or setting down.

The course covers correct lifting techniques, risk assessment, hazardous loads, and harmful effects of incorrect lifting, regulations, recommended weights and potential hazards.


To cover the duty of care placed on employers by the manual handling regulations 1998 to provide staff involved in manual handling with adequate training. To give employees the information to complete manual handling tasks efficiently and safely.

Theory Content:

  • Introduction to the course and the trainer
  • What is manual handling as defined by the regulations
  • The duties placed upon the employer by the regulations
  • The duties placed upon the employee by the regulations
  • Risk assessment of manual handling
  • What is hazardous manual handling and how it can be avoided
  • How can the safe use of lifting aids help avoid hazardous manual handling.
  • The functions of the spine
  • Common manual handling injuries
  • What causes a slipped disk and how it can be avoided
  • HSE guidelines on safe lifting weights
  • The safe lifting method in theory
  • Each course delegate will be given a theoretical test (multi-choice format) to assess their job-related safety knowledge

Practical Content:

  • Each candidate will have to have to demonstrate how to safety lift
  • Each candidate will have to perform a two person lift with a static item
  • Each candidate will have to complete a risk assessment form for a manual handling task given by the instructor


Our approach is different…

Ace Trainers Ltd always avoids the traditional – herd the participants into a room, show them how to lift a box and get them to sign a form – approach. The course will be run in a participative manner to get involvement and emphasise the personal benefits of acting.

Course Duration

The training of handlers can be undertaken in a range of ways. Courses typically last from 2 to 4 hours, but whole day sessions can be arranged for higher risk groups with a maximum of 12 delegates per course.


A certificate of attendance will be awarded to successful candidates.

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