Professional Loading and Lashing Training in Basingstoke

For transport companies whose employees will be required to load goods onto vehicles for transportation to clients, it is highly recommended that professional training is provided to ensure that these employees are correctly loading and lashing for secure transportation of this cargo.

For those transportation companies based in Basingstoke ACE Trainers provided the very best in professional loading and lashing training courses which are accreted by the ITSSAR, RTITB and HSE.  Their training courses in loading and lashing will ensure that your value employees are professionally trained in the correct techniques for loading and lashing. This will help to minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace when undertaking this work, and also help to ensure that the goods which you are transporting arrive safe and secure.

Full details of professional  loading and lashing training courses from the expert team of tutors at ACE Trainers can be seen on their website at:

They also work with companies in Kent, Oxfordshire, Devon, Berkshire, Surrey, Surrey, London, Hampshire, West Midlands and Middlesex, and offer the use of one of their two dedicated training facilities in Bristol or Basingstoke or can attend your premises to provide training on site.

ACE Trainers will provide professional instruction in lashing materials and techniques such as lashing bands and the importance of tension angles, partition of forces and pull forces.

For more information give ACE Trainers a call on 01256 351581 or email

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