Telehandler Training in Hampshire

For agricultural businesses and the construction industry Telehandler forklift trucks is the preferred choice for the movement of goods of varying sizes and different payloads.  The telescopic boom of the Telehandler allows the attachment of items such as a bucket, pallet forks, muck grab, or winch for the handling of loads and can move forwards and upwards from the vehicle for total versatility.  The Telehandler forklift truck allows the movement of loads from locations where a conventional forklift could not reach or be used.

If your business employs drivers for Telehandler forklift trucks and you are looking for a best practice training course, then do not hesitate to contact the team at ACE Trainers. They offer courses in the safe and competent operation of Telehandler and other makes and models of forklift trucks which are accredited by the RTITB and HSE.

ACE Trainers offer forklift truck training courses at either one of their dedicated training centres in Basingstoke or Bristol. Alternatively they are happy to attend your company premises if you can provide a quiet room for the theoretical part of the course and an open area with empty and loaded pallets and/or racking for the practical part of the training.

ACE Trainers provide Telehandler forklift truck training courses for companies in Hampshire, Devon, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, West Midlands, Surrey, Isle of Wight, Middlesex and Kent.  They work with both novice and more experienced forklift truck operatives who require skills refresher.  Fir full details of their Telehandler forklift truck training courses visit their website at:

If you are interested in Telehandler forklift Truck training or any of the other professional or call their friendly team on 01256 351581 or email

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