Abrasive Wheel Training

Are you seeking abrasive wheel training courses in the Basingstoke area? Then get in touch with Ace Trainers. The company is well-known for its vocational training courses and has become the first port of call for companies who are looking to provide their staff with the best possible training. As well as offering driver CPC and forklift truck training courses, the firm can also deliver training courses for those who operate abrasive wheels in the workplace.

Prevent Injuries Amongst your Staff

Statistics show that nearly half of all accidents involving abrasive wheels are a result of an unsafe system of work or an operator error. With this in mind, it makes sense to ensure that your staff who operate abrasive wheels are fully trained in the correct procedures that should be followed. When you book a training course with Ace Trainers, the team will advise on precautions that can be taken to prevent accidents occurring when using abrasive wheels. Ace Trainers has a vast amount of experience at hand and is able to tailor its training courses to meet the needs of your staff. To find out more about this established training provider, visit the website today.