Abrasive Wheel Training In Bedfordshire

Danger lies around every corner on construction sites, warehouses and plants. There are regulations, rules, laws and more surrounding the use of equipment in these sectors, and this makes it vital that you choose a professional training course to retain a safe environment and to ensure your staff are competent at their job.

One such piece of equipment that is required on most plants is the abrasive wheel. At Ace Trainers we’ve become a leading provider of abrasive wheel training in Bedfordshire that will develop the skills and performance of each individual that enrols on it. We’ve worked with whole companies who want to raise the level of competency in their staff as well as those who want to learn independently.

As per PUWER Regulations, our abrasive wheel training in Bedfordshire is designed to give you the background that you need to professionally use an abrasive wheel. Working from this point of the legislation, you will understand why your use of an abrasive wheel isn’t just about the skill, but about the safety of the whole plant you’re working on.

Choosing our abrasive wheel training in Bedfordshire will provide you with the confidence that you need to improve your performance and develop your career in the plant industry.

To discover more about our abrasive wheel training in Bedfordshire, get in contact with us.