CPC Driver Training Courses Provided In Hampshire

Your safety on the road is vitally important to both yourself, other road users and the company that you work for. Everything that you do on the road has a consequential action, and it is paramount that you have the experience and knowledge to navigate your way through the world of professional driving. Our CPC Driver training courses in Hampshire are on hand to help you improve and upgrade your role behind the wheel.

At Ace Trainers we have been hosting and providing the best possible support for existing drivers that need to take a refresher course through to those taking it for the first time. Our CPC Driver training courses in Hampshire are split into five sections and modules which must be taken before you can receive your certificate.

Why do I need a CPC driver training course?

If you are a professional driver and work behind the wheel of a bus, coach, lorry, HGV/LGV as well as a range of other larger vehicles, you will need to stay ahead of the regulations. The EU-wide regulations specify that drivers must take part in a CPC driver training course every five years. This includes 35 hours of approved training which our team at Ace Trainers can provide for you in Hampshire.

To book yourself on our CPC driver training courses across the county, get in contact with us today