Discover Our Manual Handling Training In Hampshire

Chances are you’ve probably tried to lift something that was too heavy for you. While you may not have been aware at the time, it can be extremely damaging to your body to not follow the correct guidelines. If you’re working in almost any industry that includes lifting and carrying objects, you’ll need to complete manual handling training such as ours in Hampshire.

At Ace Trainers, our manual handling training courses will ensure you and your staff are covered by Health and Safety Legislation. From shoe shops to offices, construction sites and gyms, there are elements of manual handling involved in every company.

By choosing our team in Hampshire, you’ll learn about the surrounding regulations of manual handling, how it affects yourself and your employer before you discover how to properly lift items, and which ones you should avoid. You’ll be taught how to properly use your knees to lift and take the strain off your spine.

Integral to any job you have and every role you move onto in the future, our manual handling courses are perfect to learn the correct methods of lifting and why they’re important. To pass the training, you will have to demonstrate that you can successfully lift individually and with a partner.

To find out more about our manual handling training and why it’s so important, speak to our expert team today.