Discover Our Professional Abrasive Wheel Training In Surrey

Any use of an abrasive wheel on any construction site in the world must be done so with safety, competency and awareness throughout. There are no circumstances that can be taken for granted when using something as powerful and potentially dangerous as an abrasive wheel. To ensure you’re ready to use it in your role, make sure you choose to work alongside Ace Trainers.

We provide abrasive wheel training across Surrey that will ensure individuals are highly trained and employers can guarantee to have professional staff who can abide by PUWER regulations. We can make sure of the safe use of abrasive wheels for your staff because our professional courses will explain, demonstrate and teach your staff how to use the abrasive wheel competently.

Our experienced trainers are waiting to take your staff through the various safety procedures, the knowledge of what cutting wheel to use, how to inspect an abrasive wheel before use as well as much more theoretical knowledge to apply in their roles.

We can assure you that our abrasive wheel training in Surrey, which is held over a half-day, will professional teach your staff to be confident and safe in their role.

If you’d like to find out more about our abrasive wheel training in Surrey and to discover more about our latest courses, get in contact with us today.