Driver CPC Training Horsebox Owners

You may well be aware that from 9th September 2104 every professional driver of LGV’s, HGV’s and lorries, exceeding 3.5 tons will be legally required to undertake 35 hours of Driver CPC training.  However, are you aware that this legal requirement not only covers those who drive for a living i.e. in the haulage industry,  but it is also applicable anyone driving a horsebox in connection with their profession and who derive an income from horses e.g. livery yards or riding schools, show producers, professional riders, horse transporters etc. (this does not apply to those who drive a  horsebox as part of their hobby/ for leisure purposes).

So for example, if you are a rider transporting your horses and also those belonging to other riders to a competition, or are a horse transporter moving other peoples horses as part of your  commercial operations,  you are legally required to undertake the necessary 35 hours of Driver CPVC training by the September deadline.

If you fail to comply with the Driver CCP training requirement, The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) have warned that they will automatically issue a fixed penalty notice for non-compliance.   You also run the risk of being referred to the traffic commissioners who have the authority to suspend a driver’s licence entitlement until the required Driver CPC training has been undertaken.

So if you have yet to complete Driver CPC training contact the team at ACE Trainers. They offer Driver CPC training to professional horsebox drivers and are accredited by the HSE and RTITB for their high standard of training.

ACE trainers can provide full Driver CPC training to achieve the required five modules and total of 35 hours of approved periodic training stipulated to obtain certification. These five modules include;

Vehicle and Load Handling Systems

Maintenance, Daily Checks, Speed Limits, Driving Regulations, Signs and Restrictions

Drivers Hours and Tachograph including Working Time Directive

Health & Safety, Loading/Unloading, PPE, Risk Assessments

Principles of Safe Economic & Defensive Driving (Fuel Economy Training)

With the Driver CPC training deadline only 5 months away do not delay in contacting ACE Trainers. Sign up for your Driver CPC training courses with ACE Trainers Driver today by calling their team on  01256 351581 or email: for further information

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