Forklift Training Courses

Are you looking for effective forklift training courses in Surrey and Hampshire? Across Surrey and Hampshire there are many businesses, warehouses and workshops that operate largely using forklifts. This means that there is great competition when it comes down to the operations, transportation and logistics of a company. The service a client receives is key and so the activity behind the scenes often is the main aspect of that service. This is why if you operate with forklifts you need to be concise, confident and organised.

We provide forklift training courses to many companies in not only Surrey and Hampshire but across the entirety of the UK. Our range of courses means that we are able to provide our specialist knowledge and improve the processes and procedures of a business just by providing our forklift driving expertise. Regardless of how much training an operator requires, you can be sure to take a lot away from one of our forklift training courses – simply because our forklift instructors are extremely experienced with forklift trucks themselves, as well as the transportation industry. Whether you’re new to your own business or not, you can expect to learn a great deal to improve the way you work.

Some of the courses we provide include material handling training, transport consultancy, plant equipment training, driver CPC training and health & safety training.

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