Health And Safety Training Basingstoke

If your business is involved in the handling of hazardous substances or operates in a high risk environment, then it is vital that you provide your valued employees with the very best professional training in health and safety procedures to help minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace. In addition by providing training in health and safety you will also maintain compliance with The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

ACE Trainers who are recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and are ITSSAR accredited, offer the very highest standard of training courses in health and safety procedures at work.  They provide health and safety training for companies in Basingstoke, Oxfordshire, the West Midlands, Devon, Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex and Kent and Basingstoke.

When attending an ACE Trainers training course your employees will receive top notch instruction on all the required practical skills and theoretical knowledge to enable them to operate safely in your workplace with regard to potential risks and hazardous environments.

ACE Trainers can provide bespoke training courses that are specific to the risks within your particular business including the correct handling of hazardous materials and how to minimise situations that may prevent a risk to health of your workforce.

To book a health and safety training course with ACE Trainers simply call them on 01256 351581 or email:

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