Manual Handling Training Courses

Incorrect handling of heavy good at work carries a risk of injury to the back and neck that can easily be avoided by undertaking professional training in manual handling which provides instruction on the safe and correct way to manoeuvre and pick up heavy articles. ACE Trainers provide best practice manual handling course that can be undertaken at your company premises or at one of their state of the art training centres in Basingstoke or Bristol.

ACE Trainers are a team of highly professional trainers who are accredited to the HSE and the RTITB and provide the very best manual handling training courses that will ensure that your employees know how to handle heavy goods so minimising the risk of injury at work, lost productivity, and accident insurance claims.

They provide highly professional training courses in manual handling to companies in Oxfordshire, Devon, West Midlands, Berkshire, Surrey, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Middlesex and Kent and full details can be found on their website at:

ACE Trainers will show your employees how to correctly handle and lift heavy goods through practical assessments and will also equip them with theoretical knowledge of the anatomy of the neck and spine and the most common causes of injury to these areas through incorrect manual handling.

For more information about Manual Handling training courses from ACE Trainers contact them on  01256 351581 or email

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