Manual Handling Training in Hampshire

Manual handling training is a must of any business, so your employees know how to correctly handle items with the complete avoidance of injury. The most common forms of injury from incorrect manual handling is within the back and neck areas. This can be extremely costly to businesses because of time required off work because of the injury. There could also be a concern of an employee trying to pursue you in court for compensation due to injuries sustained from insufficient training.

Within our manual handling training in Hampshire, you’ll cover everything from the anatomy of the spine, what causes back pain, through to equipment demonstrations and practice. By the end of the course you and your staff will competently know how to handle items correctly within the workplace.

Don’t open up your staff and business to unnecessary risk, ensure all of your staff know how to effectively carry out their day-to-day activities injury free. Ace Trainers are here to ensure your staff are fully trained hassle free.

For more information about the manual handling courses in Hampshire that we have available, along with dates and prices, please call us on 01256 799 715. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.