Overhead Crane Training In Sussex

If you work around overhead cranes or are looking to get a job in an industry that centres around them, you need to have the latest and most-effective training under your belt. Employers will ask for it, staff will expect and you will be a danger to yourself without it.

At Ace Trainers, our overhead crane training in Sussex is the perfect course to ensure you are both safe and competent using an overhead crane. The importance of proper health and safety is paramount when using such machinery and lifting such loads.

While some courses will be designed around general overhead crane training, we make sure it is relevant to your work day. We will use your premises and lift loads that will be typically expected of you. This will ensure you have the right knowledge and application at work to use the overhead crane effectively.

Combining both a practical and theoretical examination, you will be able to see your progression to competency throughout the course. Our team at Ace Trainers can guarantee as an accredited training organisation that you will be fully trained to use overhead cranes in your job and see your career path open up.

To book your overhead crane training in Sussex and to see the impact it can have, speak to our team today.