Professional Counterbalance Forklift Training In Berkshire

Forklifts are not easy pieces of machinery to use – and that’s why we at Ace Trainers offer counterbalance forklift training in Berkshire.

The counterbalance is currently the most common of all forklifts in use across all workforces. Ranging from small three-wheeled electric forklifts with a maximum capacity of 1000kg, through to 50,000kg diesel models – forklifts come in all shapes and sizes. The most common type of forklift is the 2,500kg capacity electric, diesel and LPG machines.

We offer in-depth and detailed course to ensure you’re trained in how to use this piece of machinery efficiently, effectively and, most of all, safely.

There are three different versions of the course depending on the amount of training you need. For those who have been trained before we offer a one-day refresher course just to get you back into the swing of using the forklift.

We offer a three-day experienced training course for those who have a little experience with a counterbalance forklift truck as well as a three-day novice course for those just starting on the journey to using a counterbalance forklift truck.

To enquire about booking a place on one of courses please get in touch with us via our contact form. You can also either email us at or ring us on 01256 351581.