Professional Manual Handling Training In Surrey

If you lift something during your day-to-day job, you will want to know that you’re not putting yourself in danger. The weight and size of something may seem different to what it actually is, and this can give you a nasty and painful surprise. Much of the UK’s companies have some form of manual handling protocols that must be followed each day.

At Ace Trainers we’ve become a leading provider of manual handling training in Surrey that will build the confidence and competence of your staff. Whether you need to book our team of trainers for a group booking or you need to send one of your members of staff on a course, we can accommodate to it.

Our manual handling training in Surrey is on task to keep you safe

It may seem like something that is self-explanatory but manual handling isn’t just there as red tape. The importance of manual handling is shown in the number of work-related injuries that occur across the UK as a result of poor lifting techniques and incorrect lifting.

Following our manual handling course in Surrey you will have the ability to understand how to lift and what objects can be safely moved by yourself.

If you’d like to find out more about how our manual handling training in Surrey, its prices and when to book, get in contact with our team.