Slinging and Lifting Banksman Training Courses in the West Midlands

If you employ staff as Slinging and Lifting Banksman then you would ebb well advised to ensure that they attend a professional training course to educate them in the correct methods of slinging and lifting techniques. Attending at training course specifically for Slinging and Lifting Banksman will help to ensure that they are able to work competently so minimising the risks to health and safety in your workplace.

ACE Trainers provide the very best Slinging and Lifting Bank man training courses for companies in the West Midlands, Oxfordshire, Basingstoke, Devon, Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex and Kent. They are fully accredited by both the RTITB and HSE for their best practice training courses which also offer great value for money.

A Slinging and Lifting Bank man training course provide by ACE Trainers will equip your employees with both theoretical and practical knowledge of the correct procedures for the storage and care of lifting accessories. They will also learn how to correctly communicate with crane operators through industry acknowledged hand and arm signals to help direct placement of loads.  Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive industry recognised certification as to their competency as a trained Slinger and Lifting Banksman.

To find out more about Slinger and Lifting Banksman training courses from ACE Trainers or any of the other professional qualifications offered by ACE then visit call the friendly team of training experts today on 01256 351581, or email

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