Three Aspects Of Our Driver CPC Training In Sussex

Bus, coach and lorry drivers all fall under the same professional driving qualification. Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) has been in practice across the UK and Europe since 2004 and is the blanket qualification used to ensure professional drivers can competently and safely drive for their role.

At Ace Trainers we’re chosen by individuals and companies for our Driver CPC training in Sussex. Whether you’ve recently hired a new set of staff and you need to train them to the highest level or your Driver CPC has run out, we can help you. Here are three aspects of our Driver CPC training courses in Sussex:

  • Five-year cycle organisation: Each lorry or bus driver must have gathered 35 hours of experience in every five-year cycle. Our team will allow you to professionally gain these hours alongside our experts.
  • Five required modules: Our Driver CPC training in Sussex is setup with five key skills for you to learn. From Health & Safety to the Highway Code, you’ll be refreshed or taught it all.
  • Courses set up for ease: Each day’s driving course lasts seven hours. This means that once you’ve completed the five modules, you’ll be set for the next five years.

If you’d like to book one of our Driver CPC training courses in Sussex, get in contact with us today.