Training course for counterbalance forklift truck operatives

Does your company use forklift trucks as part of its warehousing operation? If so you may well be using the Bendi articulated four-wheel counterbalance truck as this is one of the most popular models of forklift trucks used for stacking warehouse aisles. Its popularity is mainly due to its ability to manoeuvre in aisles as small as 1600mm (using a 1200mm X 1000mm pallet) which means that the Bendi can give a great density of storage than can be achieved with other forklift truck models.


If your forklift truck drivers are novices at operating the Bendi counterbalance forklift truck or require an update on their skills, then do not hesitate to contact the experts at ACE Trainers who provide the very highest standard of training for drivers of Bendi counterbalance forklift trucks.


ACE Trainers are based in Basingstoke with their own state of the art forklift truck driver training centre in Bristol. However from the 1st April 2013, companies seeking training for their employees in Bendi counterbalance and reach forklift truck operation specifically in Basingstoke can attend their newly opened training centre which will be located at 13 Enterprise Court, Rankin Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

ACE Trainers are RTITB and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) accredited for the provision of training in the safe operation and driving of Bendi counterbalance forklift trucks.  Whilst there is no legal requirement to hold a licence, the HSE strongly recommend that no employee should drive a Counterbalance forklift truck without attending a certificated training course such as those provided by ACE Trainers.


ACE provides Bendi Driver Training (BDT) to businesses in Oxfordshire, Devon, West Midlands, Berkshire, Surrey, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Middlesex, Kent and Basingstoke. They offer:

•2-day conversion course for three experienced operators, already holding a valid license for any other type of forklift truck.

•1-day conversion course for a single experienced operator, already holding a valid license for any other type of forklift truck.

•3-day basic training course for a single novice driver, with little or no warehouse experience and forklift truck driving ability.

•5-day basic training course for three novice drivers, with little or no warehouse experience and forklift truck driving ability.


In accordance with RTITB guidelines, ACE training courses for Bendi Driver Training cover a full range of content that is required to operate these machines safely to minimise risks in the workplace.

On successful completion of the course ACE offer an RTITB photo ID certificate for an additional cost of £10.50 per person. This certification enables the participant to operate any counterbalance forklift up to a 5000 kg lifting capacity (with permission) anywhere in the UK. Their names and details are kept on a National Operators Registration Scheme Database (NORS) for 3 years. This certificate is optional, and if preferred by an employer they can also supply in-house certificates, only allowing the candidates to operate lift trucks/machinery within that company.


To book a Bendi Driver Training (BDT) course then visit the ACE website – or call the friendly team of training experts on 01256 799 715


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