Training Course for Reach Forklift Truck Operation

The Reach Forklift truck is the ideal option those companies who are involved in warehousing where they are moving and stacking goods within with small spaces or narrow aisles as this model of forklift truck has the ability to  retract and extend its forks as required to reach a load placed at any height or in a confined space.

Currently there is no licence requirement to operate a Reach Forklift truck, however by providing professional training for those employees within your company who operate a Reach Forklift truck you are not only helping that person to be able to operate this machinery safely and competently, but are also helping to minimise the risk of accidents in the your workplace caused by incompetent handling of the Reach Forklift truck

ACE Trainers provide Reach Forklift truck operatives with fully certificated training that is accredited by RTITB and recognised by the HSE. Their courses can be undertaken at your business premises or your employees can attend their Reach Forklift truck training course at one of their state of the art training centres in Basingstoke or Bristol.  All are welcome from complete beginners to those who are experienced Reach Forklift truck drivers who simply wish to brush up on their practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

ACE both male and female tutors in Reach forklift truck driving and their courses run either over 1 day course for experienced drivers, or over 3 to 5 days for those who are new to driving a Reach forklift truck.

If you are interested in Reach Forklift truck training or any of the other professional qualifications offered by ACE Trainers, visit their website or call their friendly team on  01256 351581 or email


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