Try Our Driver CPC Training In Sussex

If you want to become a true professional in any area of work, it’s important that you can prove your experience through qualifications that are regarded by different bodies. With the changing EU regulations being implemented soon, there will be a blanket standard required of professional drivers. If you’re a coach, bus, lorry or heavy good vehicle driver, you will need to enrol on at least 35 hours of guided training in every five-year cycle.

To make sure you’re ready for these changes, choose our team at Ace Trainers. Our Driver CPC training in Sussex will provide you with the necessary expertise and knowledge to apply in your daily job. Safety and competency in your driving job will allow you to stay compliant and develop your skills behind the wheel.

Our courses will help you to recall all the necessary knowledge required to work as a driver either on your site in Sussex or from our training centre in Basingstoke. Our Driver CPC training in Sussex will teach you everything through the medium of five separate courses. These have to be completed for at least seven hours to meet the requirements set out by incoming EU regulations.

Discover more about our Driver CPC training in Sussex and how it can help develop your skills behind the wheel by asking us a question today.