Very Narrow Aisle Forklift Training

Does your business use Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts? Have you ever considered allowing your employees to learn and improve their ways of operating the VNA forklift? You can be sure that with the assistance of Ace Trainers, you can receive the highest quality of very narrow aisle forklift training across the UK.

The Narrow Aisle Forklift Truck is used in a range of industries operating within a warehouse. They are guided by either a rail or wire system and the operator only steers them when moving from one aisle to another. The benefit to using Ace Trainers is that they hold ITSSAR accreditation and are able to offer Forklift Truck Training at customer premises around the UK. Certificates can be restricted to in-house to suit the job role of the operator or nationally accredited with ITSSAR.
The course will be made up of the following aspects; Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974, PUWER 98 & LOLER 98, Operators Safety code, Battery maintenance and charging procedures of VNA Truck, Pre-use checks of Narrow Aisle Forklifts, Factors affecting stability, Motive and hydraulic controls of the Very Narrow Aisle Truck, Manoeuvring the Forklift Truck in open and confined areas including entry and aisle safety, Stacking at different levels and De-stacking with laden and un-laden pallets.

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