Discover More About Our Driver CPC Training In Surrey

You may know everything there is to know about driving professionally and you may understand the Highway Code from front to back, but training can help to iron out any discrepancies and bad habits which you’ve picked up over the years. That’s why it’s now part of the law to receive 35 hours of supervised training in every five-year cycle.

If you’re looking for a team of experts who can provide you with a bundle of training that will ensure you retain your licence and stay safe on the roads, choose Ace Trainers. Our Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training in Surrey has become a leading package for professional drivers who work in the UK as well as across Europe.

Legislation set out to help those who drive buses, coaches and lorries

The Driver CPC legislation was put into force in 2014 and has become a leading starting place for those wanting to become drivers and those who want to keep their standards high. Popular with both companies and individuals, our Driver CPC training courses in Surrey could be the catalyst to improving your driving and ensuring you are more aware of the law during every journey you make.

Our training centre in Basingstoke could be ideal for your required 35-hour training. To enrol on one of our Driver CPC training courses in Surrey, simply get in contact with us.