Professional Driver CPC Training In Sussex

Starting your professional driving adventure will be an exciting experience. Whether you’re an HGV, coach, lorry or bus driver, you’ll have to take part in courses that ensure you’re safe on the road. These courses are designed to keep you working and learning over the course of five years. At Ace Trainers we’re a leading provider of Driver CPC training courses in Sussex which are designed to help you stay compliant and keep your passengers or goods safe.

When you choose our Driver CPC training courses in Sussex we’ll be able to make the most of your time with us. We have designed our block booking Driver CPC training courses to meet the requirements which are set in law. After you’ve completed the five modules with our team, you’ll be able to prove your safety on the road with ease.

35 hours of training made easy by our team at Ace Trainers

Broken down to make it easy for you to understand the ramifications of your role in the driving world, you’ll be eased through the required 35 hours with our team. Our experienced trainers will ensure you’re confident at the wheel and understand any new rule changes in the UK and EU that apply to you.

If you’d like to book yourself on one of our professional courses, get in contact with us today.