Moffett Forklift Training

Moffett forklifts are those mounted to a truck, a concept that was invented by the Moffett company over 40 years ago. It has hugely changed the way in which goods are moved around. The forklift is usually mounted to the rear of the truck, and can be dismantled and removed pretty quickly. LGV drivers often want to expand their skills by getting some training in using a truck-mounted forklift, as it makes them more versatile and employable. Employers may also want their drivers to undertake the training, as it means that they can unload their own trucks, which saves having warehouse staff hanging around idle while there are no trucks to unload.

If you’re looking for a company that can provide Moffett Forklift Training, then take a look at ACE Trainers. They offer Forklift Truck Training, and on completion can provide an RTITB photo ID certificate for no additional cost. This training can be provided either at their training centre in Basingstoke, or at your own site, with the added benefits that trainees can practise on their own trucks.

For more information about Moffett forklift training, or to book a course at either your premises or ACE Trainers’ training centre in Basingstoke, call 01256 351581 or email

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