Training Courses For Working At Heights

If your company requires any employees to work at heights, then you are legally obliged, by the Work at Height Regulations 2005, to provide them with adequate training, including a qualification that proves their ‘ability and competence’, as well as making sure that all your working practices at height are safe. ACE Trainers provides a Work at Height Course which will ensure that you and your employees comply with the regulatory requirements.

The course includes both classroom-based learning and practical demonstrations, together with an assessment. It is aimed at anyone who has to work at height as part of their job, together with managers and supervisors of these teams and individuals. Those attending the course will learn about the principles and equipment involved in working at height, and will also learn the process of taking a safe and systematic approach to such work. The course can also cover use of ladders, including step-ladders, or specific ladder training can be provided separately at your premises if you prefer. The Work at Height Course lasts one day, and candidates will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding at the end of the day. Those assessed as competent will receive a certificate.

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