Professional Telehandler Training Near Surrey At Our Training Centre

If you’re struggling to find the right opportunities in your sector or you want to start on a new career path, then you could benefit from one of our courses at Ace Trainers. We’ve got affordable price per person courses that touch on manual handling, forklifts, counterbalance, reach truck and abrasive wheel.

Our telehandler training near Surrey – from our training centre in Basingstoke – will add a unique and distinct qualification to your CV. A telehandler is a shorten term for telescopic handler and is mainly used in the agricultural industry. To make sure that you learn professionally and through first-hand experience, our training centre in Basingstoke will provide you the best chance to practice and develop your confidence.

Our expert telehandler training near Surrey gives you the best chance to develop your skills. We use only the most experienced trainers to guarantee that you are competent on the site. To ensure this, we will take you through the main attributes you need: manoeuvring skills, load handling skills, health and safety, refuelling and recharging as well as defect reporting procedures.

With these features added to your knowledge, you can start to become proficient using a rough terrain telehandler which will culminate in passing your theory and practical exams.

To find out more about our telehandling training near Surrey, speak to our team today.