Reach Forklift Truck Driver Training

The Reach Forklift truck is the ideal option for those companies involved in moving goods within warehousing that has small or narrow aisle space or where an extension of the forklift trucks forks are essential to reach and move a load. If your company uses Reach Forklift trucks then you would be well advised to ensure that your operatives are professionally trained in the safe operation of these machines to help avoid accidents and the risk to health and safety in the workplace.

ACE Trainers of Basingstoke provide the very best in professional training for Reach Forklift truck driver and are accredited by both the HSE and RTITB for the high standard of their training courses. They work with businesses in Oxfordshire, Devon, West Midlands, Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex, Kent and Basingstoke and their Reach Forklift truck training courses are ideal for both novice and experienced operatives alike.

ACE Trainers offer both male and female instructors their courses range from one day for experienced operatives looking to refresh their skills to training over three to five days for novice wishing to learn to drive a Reach Forklift truck.  They are happy to attend your business premises if you can provide an open area, empty and loaded pallets, the use of racking and a quiet room for the part of the training course. Otherwise ACE offer the use of one of their state of the art training centres located in Basingstoke or Bristol.

If you are interested in Reach Forklift Truck training then visit their website  for more information or give them a call on 01256 351581, alternatively email


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