Quality Manual Handling Training Hampshire

When handling heavy goods at work it is vital that correct manual handling procedures are employed to avoid the risk of injury to the neck or back.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that all employees who handle heavy goods undertake professional training in manual handling to enable them to correctly, competently, and safely, pick up these goods, and ACE Trainers are a HSE recognised training companies who can provide quality manual handling training courses for employees.

ACE Trainers provide best practice manual handling courses that can be held either at your company premises in Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Devon, West Midlands, Berkshire, Surrey, Middlesex or Kent or at one of their dedicated training centres in Basingstoke or Bristol.

By providing your valued employees with professional manual handling training not only will you be helping to greatly reduce the risk of accidental injury at work which will undoubtedly result in lost productivity, but you will also by reducing the incident of insurance claims upon your company through accidents caused by incorrect lifting techniques.

By attending one of their manual handling training courses, ACE Trainers will instruct your employees in the correct handling and lifting of heavy goods through practical assessments and will also provide essential theoretical knowledge of the anatomy of the spine and neck and common causes of injury to these areas which can occur through incorrect manual handling.

For more information about Manual Handling training courses from ACE Trainers contact them on  01256 351581 or email Info@acetrainers.co.uk.

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