Rough Terrain Masted Lift Truck J1

Rough Terrain Masted Lift Trucks are one of the variations of Telehandlers that Ace Trainers provide Training for.

Other trucks include:

Rough Terrain (click here)

J2 – Variable reach/telescopic up to 9m lift 2- or 4-wheel steer/articulated

J3 – Telescopic above 9m lift 2- or 4-wheel steer/articulated

Industrial (click here)

J4 – Variable reach lift truck – up to 9m lift 2- or 4-wheel steer


Masted Lift Trucks are widely used on construction and building sites due to their ability to work efficiently on rough terrain. Here at Ace Trainers we provide top quality training to ensure that you are safe and competent at operating the truck. Also making sure that you fully understand all there is to know about Masted Lift Trucks, both theory and practical sides.


I hold a certificate for J2 and J4, does this mean I can operate a J1?

You must hold a certificate of training for each individual truck you wish to operate. Despite their similarities, a lot of the accidents that happen are due to untrained staff using the trucks, if you do not understand the differences and the dangers of each truck then you could possibly end up having an accident.

The J1 also uses a straight mast (much like a counterbalance truck), however J2 & J3 trucks use telescopic boom arms which affect the stability of the truck in a different way.

Think of it this way. You may hold a driving license for a car, however that doesn’t mean you could drive a lorry as there are many differences between the two, despite them both being road vehicles.


Are you interested in becoming a Rough Terrain Masted Lift Truck operator? Or are you an experienced operator in need of being refreshed? Check out our website at or call us on 01256 889489