Forklift Training Courses in Basingstoke

Quality training counts for a lot.  Do you have employees who require forklift training?

Forklift accidents are a major concern in most companies as improper use will invariably result in serious injury. Forklift training is crucial to ensure operators know how to manage forklifts and use them appropriately. Operatives must be aware of all the mechanical parts of the forklift, and know how every single control functions. Training with a manager is a good way to make sure operatives know what they are doing and know how to handle the machinery if a problem occurs. Training is key.

Ace Trainers delivers professional, accredited training in the safe and successful operation and driving of forklift vehicles, offering forklift training courses in Basingstoke and across the UK. We are able to travel to your site and train staff on the equipment which they expect to use on a daily basis.

At Ace Trainers we deliver a series of forklift training courses, including forklift driver training, forklift instructor training and Reach forklift truck training. Regardless as to whether you’re a beginner with no prior experience or an experienced operator without a legal license in need of a refresher course, Ace Trainers aims to ensure you receive the best training possible.