The Very Best National CPC Refresher Training in the UK

The CPC qualification is needed to ensure that only those with the required skills and knowledge drive heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, trucks and coaches. This qualification is designed to increase safety on the roads and within the industry.

As the industry becomes increasingly more regulated, all drivers need to undergo 35 hours of training at five year intervals to allow them to continue driving for a living. Training is delivered periodically through courses that drivers can attend in order to keep their knowledge up to date. Employers are responsible for making sure they don’t employ someone who doesn’t have a valid CPC. Unless the driver has a valid CPC, it is illegal for that driver to operate a heavy-duty vehicle.

Are you a transport professional requiring CPC refresher training?

The CPC refresher training course, as offered by Ace Trainers, is two days in duration and is intended to assess the delegate’s vehicle safety knowledge. The course will also inform delegates of any changes in legislation relevant to the industry, the latest drivers’ hours regulations, and remind them of key CPC subjects on transport operational matters, as well as increase awareness of best practice.